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Bruce Hudson
11-15-2007, 23:32
OK, I'm headed out for T-day out of Hot Springs and some of the advise I've received included a recommendation for tall gaiters. Campmor supplied a set from OR and based on the size chart I got the XL for my size 12 feet.

Having never used them before and being a relative newbie (a couple hundred miles this summer being my first experience hiking anything but an occasional overnight) I had no idea how they are supposed to fit and how you wear them. These are so large that tightening the top strap all the way they will still slide down my calf, and the bottom has an odd little hook snap that I don't know what to do with and a rather thin strip of elastic that I assume is supposed to run under my shoe.

Any instruction/advise is appreciated.

Bruce Hudson
Raleigh, NC

11-15-2007, 23:55
The "odd clip" faces up and fastens onto your shoe laces. Everyone and pair is different. There is also a left and right side. Any snaps or pull cords, go on the outside of your calf.

11-16-2007, 08:22
I have a pair of high gaiters by OR and think they are a quality piece of gear. The only times I wear them are in deep snow, cold and very windy conditions, or when I think my lower legs need some extra warmth.
Mine come up to above my calf so when I tighten the top strap they won't slide down over the calf muscle. And yes, that little clip hooks on to your shoe laces.

caiti pi
11-16-2007, 09:04
i have the gaitors your talking about, if they're sliding then they're too big. there should also be directions on how to use them on the packaging they came on. i wear a size 6 shoe, a small according to them, and they were wayyy to tight on the calves, so i got a medium. my hiking buddy, who wears an 11, a large on the chart, also got a medium to fit his calves. i dont think the sizing chart is accurate at all, if you can package it back for a smaller size, do that. if they arent fitting tightly over your pants leg, then the snow and water will drip in.. and thats pointless. i think the OR design faces outward, too if that helps any.

11-16-2007, 09:30
We've always worn gaiters. I think now it is more of a habit. We also have the full size gaiters. I like them because I usually ditch the rain pants and wear the gaiters under my quick dry convertables and fair better off than with my rain pants (my rain pants make me sweat, bad!). The convertibles dry quick and by leaving the gaiters under the pants, I don't get water down my boots. :)

Bruce Hudson
11-16-2007, 17:38
If I understand you correctly the velcro strip taht opens the gaiters would be towards the front wtih that hook catching on the shoe string??

Bruce Hudson