View Full Version : Rec Specs for a thru-hike

The Wicked Lobstah
12-03-2003, 13:12
I posted this question on an earlier thread, but that thread is now collecting cobwebs, so I'll try a new thread:

Does anyone have any experience with sport goggles like rec-specs? I was thinking that they would be good on a thru-hike because they don't slip, fog, or break easily. I don't have contacts and don't really wnat to try them for the first time on the trail.

Whaddya think?

12-03-2003, 15:30
Are you sure they wouldn't fog up given enough heat and humidity while you're climbing? Certainly they would be less likely to break than regular glasses, although you might want to consider something like the Flexon titanium frames that can bend all over the place combined with plastic lenses. I'd be more concerned with misplacing my glasses/goggles than having them break. Besides, sport goggles make me look like a dork and we all know that fashion is everything while backpacking!

12-03-2003, 16:42
Seriously think about contacts. They are a bit of a pain, but extended wear contacts are a lot easier. And then there is lasik :) (My wife and I are actually having Lasik done this jan. Boy, this will be the most expensive pack-lightening measure taken EVER! But we are soooo excited. To not have to mess around with contacts or glasses... it'll be amazing :)

Anyway, you have enough time to get use to your contacts before you leave, if you are going this spring.

Gravity Man

12-03-2003, 19:29
I also don't wear contacts and the tought of putting them in is enough to turn my stomach. I can't even watch my wife put her contacts in. I don't know that I would spend the money for the rec specs. I simpley use a croakie to keep my glasses from sliding up and down my nose. Also makes it easy to hang them in the shelter at night. If my glasses fogged up, and it did happen from time to time, I'd just pull them off and let them hang around my neck. But....YMMV.

Moon Monster
12-03-2003, 23:02
I bet they'd be annoyingly hot. Don't they cup and almost seal off little pockets around the eyes?

My normal frames are small and light already so I don't have any slipping problems even when sweating. I have an anti-fog coating so they don't fog much from my body heat. BUT, they fog a lot in blowing rain and snow. On any exposed peak in the rain, I have to just rely on my poles for keeping me from tripping. I think goggles may suffer as well in the wind-blown rain.

A plus for glasses is that they block a lot (but not all) of the bugs that would otherwise attack your hot eyeballs.