View Full Version : Claiming 2000 miler status

Former Admin
10-02-2002, 15:12
comments, concerns, issues, experiences, etc.......

10-02-2002, 17:42
I hope this is the answer your looking for in this question. After completing the AT. Contact the AT Conference in Harpers Ferry and have them mail you the proper form to report your hike. Whether Thru Hike or Section Hike. They will mail you the form to be filled out and returned. It asks you to write about the highlights of your hike, and also the dates. And maybe some other questions. After several months they will send you a real nice certificate of completion, and a 2000 miler patch.

Lone Wolf
03-19-2009, 03:58
cool! i want me one

03-19-2009, 04:44
if i ever thru hike the appalachian trail. by matthew claude weinstone aka matthewski.
one day i had gas. then i burped and it went away. now i hike. its all good. when i grow up i wanna patch that says i can walk.