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12-13-2007, 17:00
<table border=0 width= valign=top cellpadding=2 cellspacing=7><tr><td valign=top class=j><br><div class=lh><a href="http://news.google.com/news/url?sa=T&ct=us/0-0&fd=R&url=http://www.poconorecord.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article%3FAID%3D/20071213/NEWS/71213021&cid=0&ei=U51hR8GWMJGoygTKwMG3Bw">Bill to protect <b>Appalachian Trail</b> in Pa. approved in House</a><br><font size=-1><font color=#6f6f6f>Pocono Record,&nbsp;PA&nbsp;-</font> <nobr>1 hour ago</nobr></font><br><font size=-1>Bob Freeman’s legislation that would require municipalities that border the <b>Appalachian Trail</b> to adopt, implement and enforce zoning ordinances as part of <b>...</b></font><br></div></td></tr></table>

More... (http://news.google.com/news/url?sa=T&ct=us/0-0&fd=R&url=http://www.poconorecord.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article%3FAID%3D/20071213/NEWS/71213021&cid=0&ei=U51hR8GWMJGoygTKwMG3Bw)

12-13-2007, 17:30
Excellent. Maybe some others states will also adopt the same type legislation. Kudos to Rep. Bob Freeman

12-14-2007, 09:56
Note they said "approved in House", it still has to get through the PA Senate and signed by the Governor.

Note also the PA Capitol Complex is heated by steam supplied in part by a municipal incinerator - literally, garbage fueled hot air. :)

walkin' wally
12-14-2007, 10:47
What is the status of the Alpine Rose A.C. ?

The Mechanical Man
12-14-2007, 13:14
Here check it out yourself...... http://www.alpinesignature.com/ it's coming soon.

I live in Eldred township, the entrance to Alpine Rose is about a mile away, my kid might get a job there someday.

There is already a ski area just a few miles away, and a sand mining operation, all within sight and hearing distance of the AT, ..................welcome to the Pocono's!

12-14-2007, 15:42
I saw in my local newspaper today more agricultural easements have been approved for Berks County, some in A.T. townships. This amounts to supplemental protection for the A.T. and will benefit the A.T. long-term in the form of additional viewshed protection.

Next time you see someone who pays taxes in Berks County or has voluntarily chosen to keep farming a viable option in Pennsylvania, be sure to thank them.;)

I'll be back later to post details.

Frolicking Dinosaurs
12-15-2007, 09:53

SGT Rock
12-15-2007, 10:14
If they pass this, the next step will be to actually enforce it. Lets see how it goes before we get too happy.

Wise Old Owl
12-23-2007, 14:04
Yes, I can see why there is a public outcry as this really does back up to the trail. Google Earth shows the location as a wooded area on Mountain Rd as the trail crosses Smith Gap, just north of Blue mountain Ski Resort. The Race course appears to be built below the ridge line. Open Google Earth and use the bottom viewing pointer for Lat / Long 40 50' 23.5" N and 75 24' 56.2" W in the same picture the trees are coming down to thin pencil line along the length the trail. You are right,I see quarrys, brownfields, a superfund site and other fine attractions of the poconos, all too close to the trail. Six miles south of Blue Mountain is Horsehead Corp Superfund site. Look at all the logging roads parrellel to the trail all the way up the side! Bet that makes a nice view while hiking.

I can forsee SGT Rock putting up his tarp tent just off trail only to be woken up the next morning by the sounds of speeding Farrarri's! :-?