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12-14-2003, 10:32
IN case you didnt know, there is a large group of hammockers trying various things are the hammockcamping newsgroup via Yahoo....
there I recently posted results of the Ponderosa/Crib set up...bottom line is that it works very well at 23 degrees but I am needing colder weather for further tests.
The use of the BivAnorak failed, it was not large enough in diameter to fit around the Pon/Crib combo.
Hank asked a question about sleeping comfort, the HH is more comfortable with less wrap of the body but the Crib like most hammocks was not uncomfortable in the lease...one of the beauties of this system is that the Ponderosa will slide up and over/around the user e.g. I didnt have to unzip to get out, but I did have the cinch cord at the head end pulled tight and had to loosen it by depresing the little black button before egress.
I am very satisfied with the system for cold weather hammocking and posted at the news group that by adding a closed cell pad and a WM Flight I expect it to be cozy to zeroF.