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Think Spring
12-14-2007, 18:07
:confused: Does anyone know the status of the Wood's Hole hostle for the '08 hiking season? I understand that the host's death in October has things currently amuck, and am interested in something in the Pearisburg area when I come through.

Miss Janet
12-14-2007, 19:00
Woods Hole should be up and running with Neville running things. Just wait to make your plans until you are closer to Va.

Think Spring
12-15-2007, 13:51
:) Thanks for the info concerning Neville, Miss Janet. Can I, therefore, assume that things in Erwin and environ's are also 'good to go'?

Miss Janet
12-16-2007, 01:36
Erwin will be good to go for hikers... even if Miss Janet's House is not back up and running at a new location... But I really hope I am ready for you when you get here! If I am open and you stay with me, then remind me of this conversation... I will let you choose the breakfast menu!

The Mechanical Man
12-16-2007, 01:41
Hey Miss Janet, go check tread "Weapons Allowed"

Mechanical Man

12-16-2007, 01:42
I was lucky enough to get to stay at Woods Hole Hostel on my hike in 2006. Neville was helping Miss Tillie that year. Neville is also a licensed massage therapist and was offering massages to hikers at very good rates. She and Miss Tillie also slack-packed several of us into Pearisburg.

The Hostel in Pearisburg that is run by the Catholic church is also very nice.

And I hope that Miss Janet is up and running when you go through Erwin. I spent several lovely days with her this last year!

granny franny

Think Spring
12-27-2007, 15:10
:sun Miss Janet, thanks again for your reply of 12/16! Only recently through other thread's here did I learn of your hostel being "out of service", which I, too, hope is only temporary. I WILL spend at least one "zero day" in Erwin, and truly hope you're 'back in the grove' at a location there. (Have been through there before,....nice town.) And, should you 'get 'er together' for the "Class of '08", I'll take you up on that "breakfast offer". Best possible wishes for a Super New Year! Think Spring

12-27-2007, 15:23
Hey Miss Janet, go check tread "Weapons Allowed"

Mechanical ManThat really opens up some options for the breakfast menu. :)

12-27-2007, 16:05
I hope you open up ms. janet. i need to get through erwin to damascus b/4 2 long...johhny's should be ok too, but i've heard the critiques.......

12-27-2007, 16:08
That really opens up some options for the breakfast menu. :)Cheeseburgers, home fries and Sam Adams Cherry Wheat? Yum!

12-27-2007, 16:09
... even if Miss Janet's House is not back up and running at a new location... !
Perish the thought!!:datz

12-27-2007, 16:11
Cheeseburgers, home fries and Sam Adams Cherry Wheat? Yum!
What?? What did I miss?? And who came up with the perfect breakfast?
Although I'm still working on my 'bacon flavored beer' recipe.

01-02-2008, 04:56
I stayed at both Wood's Hole and the Catholic Hostel in Pearisburg during my 06 AT thru-hike. Both great places. Hostel is close to most of what u need. Don't let the Catholic name turn u off. Memories of having breakfast with Tillie, Neville, and about 8 other hikers at that dining table in the living room/kitchen in that old log house in that historical setting still makes my heart grow bigger. Tillie was one of the most gracious, generous, non-judgemental, and engaging people I met on the trail that year. I will miss her. Perhaps, her granddaughter(great granddaughter?) will take over.???

Uncle Johnny has always accommodated hikers with his clean reasonably priced rooms. He provides bicyles for peddaling around town and he is just across from the river and on the trail. It's amazing how much hiker gear he gets into that small front room.

And as always, how can you adequately describe the dedication and love to hikers that Mrs. Janet has shown? Not to mention the riot of fun you'll have being around her.

You can't go wrong staying at any of these places or simply enjoying the company of these characters as u travel thru Erwin and Pearisburg.