View Full Version : Possible Christmas Hike

Bruce Hudson
12-16-2007, 16:05
T-day I hiked from Allen Gap (where the trail crosses 208 outside Hot Springs) back to Hot Springs as a sample of winter hiking. As a teacher with Christmas coming I'm thinking of hiking from Allen Gap to Erwin-- about 45 miles.

My experience as a hiker started this summer going from Erwin to Atkins which was all solo. However, in the winter with minimal winter experience I wouldn't mind finding someone who wanted to take this one with me (minimal experienced but well enough equipped that the that the night over T-day break in the teens wasn't a problem, nor was the day hiking in a freezing mist). Last day of school is the 21st so the plan for now would be to leave Raleigh on either the 22nd or the 23rd, drive to Uncle Johnny's for a shuttle to Allen Gap.

The idea of the trip is totally dependent on weather forecast, and possibly an interested party should know that I'm 65 years old-- not intending any 15 mile days, especially with limited daylight.

I'm at (919) 787-8579 or [email protected] should anybody be interested.

Bruce Hudson