View Full Version : Considering Trangia Stove & Oragami 2 UL

12-17-2007, 19:44
Trangia stove. i have used alc for the past year and have tried different stoves. I think the trangia might suit me better because I would be able to snuff it and save the fuel. Also I hear that the trangia is a fuel miser of sorts.

Sierra Designs Oragami 2 UL. I have never seen one of these except during online research. I have been using a golite poncho tarp and a homemade bivy for the past year. Sometimes I use the poncho tarp with an OR Advanced bivy in the winter when it is really cold. Things have been dry and gone good so far, but I need more space - my dog comes in with me when it rains and he pushes on me all night long. He is a 'bed' hog. I want something with some versatility and 4 season capability for as little weight as possible. I would go with an 8x10, but they cost too much for what they are - I don't have sewing time right now - and I want some solid 360* wind protection for a change. I lookes at the MSR twim peaks, but it costs too much and is limited on versatility.
Another thing is that I need a floorless design to accomodate the dog. His claws poke holes in tent floors- so whats the use. http://www.sierradesigns.com/tarps.display.php?id=526

Thanks in advance -charlie

Jack Tarlin
12-17-2007, 19:48
The Trangia's fine, if you remember, like all alcohol stoves, it'll take you significantly longer to boil water and eat, and it isn't practical if you're heating a lot of water, i.e. cooking for two or having oversize meals.

SGT Rock
12-17-2007, 20:02
Trangia is a miser, and a good stove. There are a lot of designs out there that do about the same thing for less weight too - look around. some folks like Zelph sell them if you don't want to make one.

I don't know a thing about that tent.

12-20-2007, 21:28
:banana Basically the trangia is a knock off of the pepsi g stove that scott henderson makes. :banana Just joking - I know its the other way around. But what the heck - I have a ton :banana of alcohol stoves and this is the first one I ever bought. I like the burner. Being able to store fuel is cool. And being able to snuff - and save the fuel is cool. :banana Of course most stoves are snuffable, but getting the fuel back out is usually the trick. :banana