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The Weasel
10-02-2002, 18:23
Continuing Fly's questions from the "General" forum...he posted:

Thanks for the help. I will post my new sets of questions in more specific forums. Just to keep you up to speed here goes.

gear i have:

msr stove pocket rocket (free from friend)
no back pack yet
titanium kettle with lid
lexan utensils (spoon, fork, knife, big spoon)\
crappy backpack with a water bag in it. (thing holds 2 liters of real heavy water)
I have some good boots

currently working on pepsi can stoves for fun.

not to stir up trouble, but tyvek and frogg toggs are the same. they are made 30 miles from me.

Mainly my hikes will be very mountainous off trail type hikes. We lease a bunch of land for hunting. The land is 7 miles off pavement. Lots of old logging roads. Very fun though. Longest route is about 26 miles. Not including in and out. That can be accomplished on a 4 wheeler. Although I have walked out on several occasions.

Sorry if post was to wordy.

-In like the wind and out like a light

Fly: A few comments for you:

You'll lose the lexan fork and knife, and just use a spoon. To cut things (not usually food you're eating, since that will mostly be pastas and rice dishes) you'll carry as small a pocket knife (Swiss Army classic is TOPS) as possible.

Pocket rocket stove is good. Cannister model? I use a cannister stove, but getting fuel can be touchy. If it's a gas model, perfect.

Titanium pot is EXCELLENT.

"Good boots" may not be optimal boots. You want as light as possible consistent with (a) comfort and (b) ankle support if you need it. Heavy leather boots are risky unless circumstances require them - "a pound on the feet is the same as five on the hips" is VERY true.

The Weasel

11-03-2008, 13:43
I agree, lose the lexan fork and knife.