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12-18-2007, 12:58
I hiked the trail last year (2006) so I am fairly familiar with this portion of the trail... just not in December.
I'll be in the area of Stratton Mtn to Killington over New Years Eve and would like some input on what to expect hiking wise. How will the snow cover affect me, are the small rivers frozen over (water)?
What are some fun and easy day hikes in the area both off and on the AT.
I'm looking forward to seeing the Claredon Gorge again and maybe eating at the Whistle Stop for old times sake.
Is White Rocks too far for a day hike (likely entry points)? Are those rock sculptures visible through the snow. Can I get to the shelter on top of Killington with ski boots on in the snow (doubtful) can I at least get to the peak (above the gondola on the path to the shelter) or do they close it?

Clue me in.

12-18-2007, 15:52
I hiked up near Killigton last Friday. There was about 2 feet of snow on top the top foot was powder the rest was ice and packed snow, and it had drifted in places so in places I was sinking in 2 feet with my snowshoes on. I used snowshoes and would say you would definitely want them, unless conditions have changed. I know they were supposed to be getting a lot more snow last Sunday, and we got ice in CT, assuming that was all snow up there, there may be several feet of snow up there now. And probably more falling before New Years.

You should probably expect your hiking time to double in the snow, possibly even slower if you have not done much hiking in the snow. I would be very surprised if you could see the rock sculptures on White Rocks. Unfortunately I did not make it to the top of Killington, so I cannot say for sure but I am pretty sure you can hike all the way to the top. Hopefully this answers some questions.

12-18-2007, 16:36
Oops! Conditions sure have changed! Plenty of new snow over the weekend, more expected tonight, tomorrow, and...

It's looking like a real good winter for a change. Wherever you go in VT right now, you'll need snowshoes and plenty of time.

12-18-2007, 16:47
Oh yeah, conditions have surely changed. A lot of snow has come down since last friday with more in the forsecast, plus low low temps. Be prepared for some rough conditions should you decide to do the hike :)

12-18-2007, 17:11
RE: frozen streams, Gould Brook will not be frozen over. This is the brook crossing between the Upper and Lower Cold River Roads. Bully Brook, south of Sugar Hill Road and before White Rocks will not be frozen.

White Rocks is a good day hike. Turn off of Vt. 140 onto Sugar Hill Road. Take your first right. Follow the gravel road to the the WRNRA Parking area which will be gated this time of year. Park near the gate. From here walk through the parking lot and ascend on the Keewaydin Trail to the AT.

Most of the rock sculptures will be buried under the two feet of snow that's up there right now. More snow is expected tomorrow. You'll need snowshoes.

The lift attendants on Killington watch for folks going under the rope. PLEASE do not attempt Cooper Lodge wearing your ski boots. That's insane!

Every year, the ski area has to rescue frozen skiers who ski out of bounds towards Cooper and are trapped in the deep snow. If you want a challenge, start early, wear your snow shoes and ascend the mountain via the Bucklin Trail. It will be a workout and then some! Don't be afraid to turn back.:sun

12-19-2007, 11:52
Thanks for all the advice. I'll mostly be skiing, but would like to revisit some of the AT while in the neighborhood.

So my Vasque trail runners won't work in this climate? :sun :D

Good to hear the reports that this year is having a better winter.

Will they allow you to get to the actual peak of Killington, or is this where the gondola operators won't let you go up those metal steps that begin the short walk to the actual peak (and then to that horribly steep and scary side trail to the shelter that would be death in snow and ski boots)?

12-19-2007, 21:37
I'm not sure that the metal steps will be visible with all the snow.:-? My guess is that the gondola operator will try to stop you before you take your first step.

Get up here soon and enjoy the GREAT skiing! Save hikin' for later.

It's time to ski in VERMONT!