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Jack Tarlin
12-17-2003, 15:15
For the last several years, I've written an extended article on maildrop/resupply/lodging options and possibilities on the Trail. This includes some ideas, suggestions, and recommendations based primarily on what has worked for me over the years, as well as what I've heard and observed from other folks. Each year, I've revised this article to take into account errors, additions, omissions, etc., because every year, the Trail changes---new facilities open, some close or relocate, etc. I've received some excellent feedback on this article from a lot of folks who found this material useful, so I'm happy to keep doing it.

I'm working on the 2004 revised article now, and it should be out sometime next year. (I'll probably wait til the Thru-Hiker's Handbook and Thru-Hiker's Companion are both out so I make note of any possible mistakes, omissions, in those works, tho happily, there usually are very few, they are both excellent books).

The places I mention and in some cases recommend are merely what has worked for me and some of my friends; it is impossible to mention every shopping or lodging place, or every service provider; there are new ones every year, and many that I've never seen or visited. I generally avoid talking much about places I don't know of personally, and when I do mention these places, I always try to make it clear that my comments are NOT based on first-hand observation.

It's inevitable, tho, that I'm going to omit, forget, or speak too lightly of some good places, so if anyone out there wants to go over the 2003 Article and point out anything they'd like to add, places I've skipped, etc., I'd really appreciate it, so I can add some of these places to the 2004 list; I'd like it to be as comprehensive as possible. (Off the top of my head, I'm thinking about the B&B in Montebello, VA. or the new Hostel in Central Pennsylvania whose name I can never remember......there are quite a few places out there that have never made my list, and if anyone has ideas, suggestions, even disagreements with or criticisms of the 2003 list, I'd like to hear them.

Thanks for anyone who wants to contribute to this; I can be reached anytime at baltimorejack@hotmail.com

Jack Tarlin
12-17-2003, 15:27
I forgot this:

Anyone that wants to see the 2003 Information can find it here at Whiteblaze in the "Articles " section of the website; it can also be found at http://ubmail.ubalt.edu/~dhaynes/baltimorejackarticle.html (This version seems to print out better).

The 2004 Updated article will be posted to Whiteblaze as soon as I get it done.