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12-27-2007, 11:26
Is there any way to get rid of a bone spur? I'm going hiking in two days for a four day hike and I have one on my foot and I'm hoping someone can help!!:confused:

12-27-2007, 11:32
Sorry to jump in ladies:o but it depends where in your foot the bone spurs are located. And there are other factors that will determine whether or not they will bother you on your hike, especially indicative is how much they've bothered you so far.
As far as getting rid of them, I'm pretty sure that's still a surgical procedure.

12-27-2007, 12:41
I've reccomend the book "Fixing Your Feet" available at REI. Read it and then go see a good ortho guy and or a podiatrist. A bone spur isn't the end of the world and it doesn't always mean surgery. Some people have large plantar facsia spurs and run high mileage every week.

02-28-2008, 23:34
I hiked the entire A.T. in 2000 with a heel spur. it was very painful every day. I wasnt even sure I would be able to climb Mt. Katadyn, but I made it. It took a year and a half of limping (after the hike) and then the pain just stopped. Im going to thru hike this year and Ive learned to carry a light pack and use a lot of "cush" in my boots. I got my boots a size larger to accomodate the inserts. Good Luck!

02-29-2008, 01:38
Oh gosh well bone spurs. Yes, I know about this!!! Oh so well. It isn't really a female only issue though I think females are more susceptible. The correct term is planar faciatis (sp?). It usually is NOT really spurs. It is a very painful condition and can be disabling.

You should see a really good pediatrist. There are exercises you can do but really being fitted for orthodics is what really helped me. I think you are going to have to wear trail runners as well. (Actually they are very good for your feet. And I think they will recommend something like New Balance, Brooks, etc.) (You can get exercises off the net that can help you out right now.)

Another thing, you should not go barefoot. I relax around the house in Birkenstocks. But there are other good shoes/sandals that you could wear I think.

This is a pretty chronic condition.

People around here wear this shoe:

I don't know how you would hike in them, but I think they do help your feet. At least they take stress off your heel.
I don't know if they sell them out there as I believe they are an Albuquerque invention. I know you can buy them in some western states.
People absolutely swear by these, and you might be able to buy them online?


02-29-2008, 01:40
I think some planar faciatis is actually real bone spurs, but I think the basic treatments are similar. I don't think you will need surgery, but it might depend on the situation. I think this is like a repetitive stress injury. And I sure wish you could edit your posts!!


02-29-2008, 21:37
I have been living with a heel spur for 5 yrs. When I was diagnosed, by x-ray, I was told the only "cure" was surgery ..... when I refused the surgery the doctor made be a brace out of 2 foam heel cushions and secured it to the arch of my foot with a self adhesive Ace Bandage. She told be to wear it 24/7 (even in the shower, but cover it) for 3 months. It was very painful at first with the constant pressure when I put weight on my foot but after a few days I was able to stand the pain. After several weeks it only hurt if I was on my feet for several hours. Like grocery shopping. After 2 months the pain was gone and after 3 month I took the (nasty) bandage off and did not have any more pain until last year when I got new/bad shoes. I have since thrown the shoes out and am pain free again. One thing I do is occasionally when it starts to flare up again is wear this brace at night:

http://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/cvs/gateway/detail?prodid=431339&previousURI=/CVSApp/cvs/gateway/search?ActiveCat=499^Query=futuro+plantar+fasciiti s^SEARCH.x=28^SEARCH.y=9

Advice: never go barefoot. Wear Crocs or Croc like sandals around the house and shopping if you can. Wear a good arch support in your shoes ALWAYS!

03-17-2008, 16:49
I've had surgery once before after more conservative treatment, and the surgery was very effective. Never had a problem on that foot again. I currently have a heel spur (just diagnosed) and had a cortisone shot to help it. I'm also wearing over the counter inserts with good arch support and good heel cushion. Custom orthotics are better for most people though, and some insurance companies will pay for them now.

05-19-2008, 19:36
I was diagonosed with heel spurs and planar faciitis over ten years ago. As my doctor explained it planar faciitis is the inflamation of the plantar fascia or arch tendon. Heel spurs occur where the tendon attaches to the heel bone, repeated pulling by the tendon causes a bone spur. Heel spurs can become painful when the tendon and other tissue around it becomes inflamed. The best way to prevent the inflamation is good arch support, I have specially made orthotic inserts. My doctor showed me a way to tape my foot to support the plantar tendon, but this is just a temporary measure. There are cortison injections into the heel that reduces the inflamation and provides longer term relief. I have heard there is a newer non-surgical treament for heal spurs. It is a shock wave treatment that pulverizes the bone spur, this is similar to the shock wave treatment used to pulverize kidney stones.