View Full Version : Heading to Syria

12-19-2003, 10:25
I'm leaving tomorrow to spend a few weeks in Syria and wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday. If things go smoothly in Lebanon, I should be in Damascus for Christmas Eve. I suspect celebrations will be minimal but, then again, one of the wildest partiest I've been at was Christmas day at 4300 meters in nowhere Nepal, so who knows. Play nice, everyone.

Lone Wolf
12-19-2003, 10:31
I'll be in Damascus on Christmas eve too. :)

12-19-2003, 10:51
I'll be in Damascus on Christmas eve too. :)
Well, I won't be there on Christmas Eve, but I will be there on Sunday afternoon on my way to see the Grandchildren up near Harper's Ferry, How's the weather in those parts, LW? Driving ok? (Hey, I still owe you a pitcher!)


Lone Wolf
12-19-2003, 11:37
Got 6 inches of white stuff here in town last night. Driving will be fine come Sunday. Stop in the outfitter and call me or they'll tell you where I live. We'll have that beer.
Semper Fi