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12-30-2007, 09:50
When things are getting you down because you cant get to the trail or you are on the trail and having on of "those" days, you can always think about this. It can always get worse.


Some pictures from Afghanistan. I'm stuck with some of the most beautiful mountains that I've ever seen, outside of Washington of course, and cant set foot on a one of them. The foothills of the Himilayas with 40 land mines per square mile adverage for the country. I've been here for 354 days and have 98 more to go.

Not feeling sorry for myself, just trying to let everyone know......

It can always be worse!

Now get out there and hike!!! :banana

12-30-2007, 09:58
I see you have the part open drawer/footrest down.

Don't bend your drawers. Be safe.

SGT Rock
12-30-2007, 10:00
You have Burger King and DQ? WOW! I bet some thru-hikers this year will be jealous ;)

12-30-2007, 10:00

Nice photos. I was looking through some of the award-winning 2007 photojournalism this week, and the photos from the mountains of Afghanistan are just achingly beautiful.

Keep safe and don't forget to duck.

--Ken (former engineer squad leader many many years ago)

01-04-2008, 16:56
Your service is appreciated. Come home safe and soon.