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Red Hat
12-31-2007, 13:39
I am a mature (60) female planning to hike SOBO beginning the first week of July. Anyone want to come along? I know I'll just go if I don't get a buddy, but a hiking buddy would be nice....

12-31-2007, 16:06
It helps if you're a little bit immature.;)

Good luck and Happy New Year.

12-31-2007, 21:47
I'm planning on Maine/NH third week in Jun, how flexible is your schedule?

Dough Nut

Old Hillwalker
01-01-2008, 10:50
Hi Redhat, I was intending to depart for my thru on June 15th, but the school district in NH I work for keeps having no school "snow days" which is pushing my departure date toward July and it just may get there. December is now a recond setting snow month for New Hampshire. 47 inches in December and winter is only ten days old. Snowest December since they have been keeping records in the state capitol mid 1800's. Love it! keep it coming...... Need to mention that the summits of the White has had a great deal more snow which is typical.

I'll keep you posted. I have PMd by a woman out of Massachusetts who is leaving about the same time. I will try to connect us via PM.

Red Hat
01-01-2008, 11:56
Dough, I am flexible since I am retired. I just wanted to avoid the worst of the blackflies and waiting till July should at least slow them down a bit. I'll be biting at the bit by June to get out there!

Red Hat
01-01-2008, 11:58
Hillwalker, keep me posted. You lucky person to live so close to the AT! No mountains here in central Texas...

Lone Wolf
01-01-2008, 11:58
i started SOBO June 29th one year. the mosquitos were absolutely horrendous. i ran out of deet by the KI road and got a ride into monson

Red Hat
01-01-2008, 12:02
Thanks for that encouragement LW! Since I heard that you love going SOBO when would you recommend starting?

Lone Wolf
01-01-2008, 12:04
july 1st is fine. i'm not discouraging you, just tellin' it like it is. deet and head net are a must.

Rain Man
01-01-2008, 14:09
It helps if you're a little bit immature.;)

I agree, and she is!!! Just a little bit. ( Let me take a moment myself to go look in a mirror.) ~wink~

Had the pleasure of hiking with Red Hat out of Fontana into the GSMNP a couple of years ago after a snow storm. A very nice, and capable, hiker. I have a photo or two, I think, in my album on here. I'd hike with her again any time.



Old Hillwalker
01-01-2008, 15:27
Hillwalker, keep me posted. You lucky person to live so close to the AT! No mountains here in central Texas...

I lived in Frisco, TX for a while. Used to get my hiking fix in the Ouachitas, about a three hour drive away in OK and AR.

kayak karl
01-01-2008, 17:27
im probably going sobo in june. would like to start with a group. i am also flexable about date. (sent on a pda. done know if this will work)

hammock engineer
01-02-2008, 19:38
Yeah 100% DEET and a headnet is a must. This year there was a decent amount for southbounders starting in early July.

Red Hat
01-03-2008, 13:06
Got my deet and headnet ready. Thanks LW... Hey, Rainman, thanks for the input, I didn't mean I acted mature, but my age says I probably should... anyway, 'preciate the nice comments. See ya out there!

south geezer
01-20-2008, 18:04
look forward to seeing you on the trail I will be leaving 1 week july