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12-20-2003, 18:48
I glanced up at the top of the page several times before I noticed Santa was at the top of the hill waiting for the hiker with his list all ready to go!! lol Santa looks good up there on that hill!!!! Streamweaver

12-20-2003, 22:03
Hope Swamp Fox doesn't mind me posting her poem here. Maybe some of you have already seen it.


Twas the hike before Christmas
And on the A.T.
Not a creature was stirring
But the rodents and me.
Most hikers were home snuggled warm in the beds.
And I thought more than once I was out of my head.
I in my winter gear, boots and my pack
Had just ambled in from a cold winters trek.
I'd been hiking all day and I really was spent
So I quickly ate dinner and put up my tent.
I snuggled down in my bag rated to 0 degrees
And I said a quick prayer that my boots wouldn't freeze.
I was just drifting off when arose such a clatter
I tried to get up to see what was the matter.
I unzipped my bag and quickly I tried
To zip open the tent and to throw back the fly.
And what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a backpacking Santa wearing full hiking gear.
He was dressed all in gortex from his head to his toes
From his Kelty right down to his Leki trekking poles.
On his head a bandanna instead of a cap.
In his hand he was clutching a profile map.
And instead of the guy who never passed up a feast
Old St. Nick must have dropped 40 pounds at the least!
"Why Santa!" I said "Is everything all right?"
"You should be giving out gifts on the Christmas Eve night!"
"My dear friend" he replied "The stress just gets too much!"
"With the holiday season and all the toys and such"
"So I'm hiking the trail as the season grows near"
"And I'm leaving the work to my elves for this year"
"To Katahdin!!" he shouted and gave me a wink
Then he gave me my leave and he left me to think.
But I heard him exclaim as he strode out of sight...

By Jessy Oberright "Swamp Fox", Christmas 1999