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Former Easy
12-22-2003, 13:38
Does anyone know if the Soul Hiker stove is still availble, its made by someone in Georgia and was sold at Mountain Crossings in 2002, im sure I could just call them but thought i'd ask here first before spending the dime.

Also what are others opinions on this stove?

I have used it and like it, its really know different than the pepsi can stove idea, except it has the neat little pot stand incorparated into it. For the $18 I spent on it, it was well worth it especially the fact of not having to make my own. Any ways my old one is pretty beat up and rusty around the bottom rim and i'd like to replace it.

12-22-2003, 16:27
I'm not familiar with the Soul Hiker stove. But Aaron at Brasslite is having a sale of his Brasslite Turbo I and Turbo II-D stoves until Dec. 31. Prices as low at $25 for the Turbo I and $35 for the II-D. Well-made all-brass alcohol stoves with simmer capability and built-in potstand. http://www.brasslite.com

12-30-2003, 12:11
The stove was still available when I was at Neel's Gap in April of 2003. I' say call them up and ask.

It's a good little stove.