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10-03-2002, 13:23
The Tyvek/FroggToggs question is a good one.

To answer someone (I think chris) on the breathability of Tyvek and other housewraps. They are supposed to allow water vapor out and prevent water and wind from coming in. My dad just installed some on his new addition. He was supposed to bring me some to test, but hasn't yet. He did not have a big enough piece left for a ground cloth test. However, somewhere on the web I read that you could "test" Tyvek by forming a "pocket" and pouring water into it. One direction it holds the water and the other it weeps.

Does anyone have any experience making Tyvek accessories? I am especially interested in making a Tyvek ground sheet with sewn in footbag.

Thanks for any help and insight that can be given.

10-03-2002, 14:50
After a sequence of emails with DebW, I am convinced that Tyvek has some degree of breathability. I do not think it is breathable enough to use in things like bivy sacks, however (unless they be of the emergency type). So, in my previous posts about Tyvek being 100% unbreathable, I would change the number to something in the high 90s. I would be interested to see some experienced tester (i.e, Sgt. Rock)
perform good, scientific test of this issue. I still do not think Frogg Toggs are made out of Tyvek proper.

10-03-2002, 17:53
chris, I checked out froggtoggs website http://www.froggtoggs.com/ they show the material as 3 ply and patented. Tyvek is also patented. I imagine they are similar technologies but not exactly they same. I believe that FroggToggs are made right here in North Alabama over in Guntersville. That's the address on their website and I have a buddy that does/did distribute FroggToggs, specifically for flyfishing. When I get a chance, I'll ask him what he knows. I may do some more searching on the net to see about it.

I was not thinking about making a bivy, but a 3' wide by ?? long groundsheet with ~2'pocket sewn at one end so that I wouldn't slide out and the rain wouldn't blow/drip on my feet from my tarp. I know I remember something about washing before you sew it and maybe something about special needles. I can't find where I read it. I would like any info anyone has about sewing Tyvek along these lines. Has anyone used it? Is it worth it?

Thanks for any help:)

10-03-2002, 18:21
To soften Tyvek, one method is to put it into a top loading washer without soap and run the wash cycle. Shake out the Tyvek and it should be much more pliable and less slipery. As I don't have a washer, I filled my tub with water, put the Tyvek in it, and kneeded it for about 10 minutes. Hurt my hands a bit, but the result was the same. LWGear makes exactly what you are thinking of. See www.lwgear.com The cost is something like $30, which seems like rather a lot considering the cost of Tyvek and the amount of labor needed to make the pocket.

10-03-2002, 22:11
At trade shows where the frogg toggs are sold by the guy who makes them, he uses the pocket filled with water technique to show how they work. Water does slowly pass through in one direction and not the other. It passes through almost as a sweat, if that makes sense. They are made in guntersville alabama, just down the road from me. And i believe they are kinda melted together. Seaming them was one of the first major challenges for the company. the second was coloring the white material they purchase. Next on washing the Tyvek. If you go to a coin laundry mat and use one of their washers you dont have to worry about trashing yours. The stuff is very unforgiving in the beginning.

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