View Full Version : Merrell footwear where?!?

01-06-2008, 13:10
So I walk into Marshall's yesterday (for those of you who don't know Marshall's, it's a discount department store like Ross') and decided I was going to look at some of their shoes. They had just expanded and improved their shoe section so I thought I would take a look. They had New Balance, Nike, name brand dress shoes, and WHAT...they had Merrell's. So of course I had to see what they were. They are the J13004 Siren Nitro in grey/navy. They have what is called Q form insoles which are specially formulated for women's feet. It is suppose to be a 'naturally aligning midsole'. WOW are these things comfy. They weigh-according to my scale-around 12 oz each which I found rather light compared to all the other Merrell's I have had. The thing that blew me away was they were only $49.99 orginally they were marked at $95.

Has anyone else ever heard of this type of insole fit for women? I am wondering if this could be an answer to my poor little feets' prayers! :-?

01-06-2008, 13:14
Yes, that insole is made by Merrell and is in most of their women's running and hiking shoes. They're relatively thin foam. I promptly replaced mine with Superfeet.

01-06-2008, 13:21
Yes, they worked great! Are you a pronater? Have had several pairs, they are good for day hikes and for around town if you are a sneaker wearer. The insoles wear very well with lots of use :)

01-06-2008, 13:32
That's cool! I have very problematic feet--flat footed and have no heel or I guess you'd say a very narrow heel. I use the Spenco backpacker insoles. They tend to do better for my feet than the Superfeet. I had never heard of these insoles before. I was really looking for a shoe to wear exercising-on the trail- and just wear around. I guess these were a good find. :)

01-06-2008, 18:01
I have broken in a pair of Merrell Pulse II and have a pair of I think they are called Moab. I spent $150 on a pair of Montrail's that I tested and always seemed to get blisters. Then I tried the Merrell Pulse II with the Q-form insole and my feet have been happy since. No blisters, hardly any time to break them in. We'll see what my feet think after a week on the trail.