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01-07-2008, 00:03
Where do you guys get your guide books from. I've seen that the ATC sells guidebooks for every state; but I was wondering if there is an all inclusive book.

Appalachian Tater
01-07-2008, 00:10

River Runner
01-07-2008, 00:23
The guide books have more detailed information than the companions, data books, etc., describing in more detail things that you may pass along the way, history of parts of the area, some information on terrain, etc. They're fascinating reading, but a little heavy to carry on the trail.

Most of the data books, companions, etc. list major crossings, streams, where to find water or campsites, etc. in an abbreviated form. They also contain information on nearby accomodations, supply points, etc. that the guidebooks don't.

On section hikes I often carry pages from the guide book, or just read up on the area ahead of time. I also usually carry a section of the Thru-Hikers Handbook. Many thru-hikers carry the whole book.


And I try to carry a map. ;)

Pedaling Fool
01-07-2008, 00:57

01-07-2008, 03:22
Does anyone know if the Thru Hikers Handbook comes out in the beginning of the year or at the end? For ex. Will the 09 ThruHikers Handbook come out in January 09 or November 09? Just planning my thru hike for March 09 and dont want to buy the 08 if the 09's comming out before I go.

River Runner
01-07-2008, 03:39
The 09 version should come out in Dec. 08 or Jan 09.