View Full Version : Trail Relocated?

Pedaling Fool
01-09-2008, 22:11
Was there a trail relocation north of Erwin? The bridge seemed to be in good repair when I was there in May 2007.

Tennessee Viking
01-10-2008, 01:56
No relocation needed. The old log bridge on Jones Branch near the switchback was beginning to rot and crack. We switched it to locust and added a bog bridge top.

We call it a "Blog' bridge; half log, half bog bridge. Its the ultimate kick in the butt bridge. The Eastman club cut the locust log up on the ridge above Jones Branch, then we had to carry two bog bridges and lumber in. It didn't help with the morning being super humid then we had to lift the maintenance cart over two log cuts.

And the trail up to Curley Maple Shelter has some rehab work done in spots.