View Full Version : Tarptent Rainbow vs. Lunar Solo

01-14-2008, 16:54
Up front I'd like to apologize if this is already posted on here somewhere.

I'm interested in some feedback on the Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo
& the H. Shire's Rainbow. Which one is the better buy and why.
Feedback from anyone who has used one or both of these would be great.
I have tarps, tents, tarptents and hamocks...:rolleyes:I'm looking to add to my collection and have pretty much narrowed it down to one or the other between these two. I'm steering towards the Rainbow but before I buy one I thought i'd get the opinions of others. Thanks.

:-? Figures! I was beaten to it and there is already a thread.

01-14-2008, 16:58
The Rainbow's a decent one-person, single-wall tent. Incredibly roomy. Easy to set up. It does have some issues with condensation -- probably no more so or less so than any other single-wall tent.