View Full Version : Arc-Alpinist in cold/snow

12-26-2003, 04:30
I have used mine down to the 20's but havent had a chance to get below that yet. The 20 degree run I used a single foam pad that allowed cold to creep up from below - top side was very warm tho. No problems with drafts from the edges - just not enough bottom side insulation.

I have since switched to an under quilt but I havent yet taken it out in below freezing weather.

I had mine made with taller baffles and overstuffed.....

01-01-2004, 12:22
I experienced snow and 20s inthe spring of 03 in GA on a long section. at this time i was using a blue pad cut to two 24 x 20 pieces and duct taped to gether on the 24 side, thus mak.ing a 24 x 40. I put my pack under the legs. Also use a 2.5 " down quilt on top and was never cold to the mid 20s. Have just finished making a down under quilt that iexpect to test later this month (jan).