View Full Version : shoulder strap padding in Golite packs deteriorating?

01-14-2008, 19:28
Can anyone who has used a Golite pack for a significant amount of time or with a significant amount of weight comment on the long-term resiliancy of the 3D spacer mesh that Golite uses as padding in their shoulder straps?

I took my Jam2 traveling recently with a rather heavy (40 lb) load. I noticed that the mesh in the shoulder straps seems slightly less resiliant now compared to when I bought the pack. I checked my other packs and I have an Osprey backpack that I've had for some time that uses the same kind of 3D spacer mesh in the shoulder strap. Almost totally flat. Is this a result of perhaps overloading the backpack with weight, or would this have happened eventually anyway, do you think? I've taken both packs on planes with heavy loads, but the I just got the Golite pack recently...

01-14-2008, 20:43
Hmm, the Jam2 is rated for a max of 30 lbs. Might be from over loading. Mine are fine, only about 100 miles on it with a pack weight of around 30lbs., mine does take a good amout of abuse jumping off rocks and such.

River Runner
01-15-2008, 04:09
I haven't noticed any deterioration of the mesh or padding in my GoLite Quest pack with probably a couple of hundred miles on it, but then I don't pack it over 25 lb, most of the time less.

01-15-2008, 12:59
I used a a GoLite for my thru. I got a replacement mailed to me at Troutville as the seams let loose. After completing, I counted about 20 places where the pack had failed. I did not have any problem with the straps. I now have a new GoLite (replacement #2) with tags. It has a vote of NO CONFIDENCE with me. On the good side, GoLite guarantees their packs and I received no hassel.

01-15-2008, 17:33
This was the first time I loaded so much weight into my Jam2, and maybe I'm just imagining it, but I'm squeezing the straps and they seem more resiliant near the ends, and more flattened near the middle, where it rests on my shoulders. I never had a problem before this, though when I backpack with this, I always keep te total pack weight well below 25 lbs...but maybe I need to start looking at other packs, specifically those that use actual foam in their shoulder straps instead of this 3D spacer mesh... If anything, take it as a warning never to overload your own Golite pack.

01-15-2008, 18:16
The shoulders straps on my Go-Lite Quest seem to be fine. However, the internal bladder sack is torn, but I don't use it anyway. I will definitely watch the straps over the course of my thru, thanks for the notice.