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12-26-2003, 02:45
on the campmore website and lowes site i do not see different pack sizes for large or small toursoes. they do say fits torsoes 17" to 20 something + but are they all 1 frame size that is adjustable? if they are then i think i would go for a brand that has more custom sized frames than one that is adjustable. i am debating between osprey,lowe and gregory. i have 17.5" torso.
i will make the final decision on my pack purchase buy buying all my gear then bringing it with my clothing, water and a stuffsack of simulated food to the store(s) and seeing what works best.

12-26-2003, 08:42
lowe alpine has an adjustable backlength system (which is really good compared to some). you get s/m/l sizes, and each size is adjustable inside that.

i have a LA pack and an Osprey pack. the adjustable back system on the LA is far far better than the system on the osprey, its way more 'adjustable' size wise.

saying that i like my osprey more than my lowe alpine :D
it was also a pound lighter than my lowe alpine frontier...

i had a lowe alpine fontier 75 with APS5 'torso fit system' medium.. and a osprey aether 75 medium back small hipbelt...im between small-medium so nothing is a definate fit, but i can say the lowe pack was a lot easier to size to myself than the osprey... still the osprey wins :) i like it so much better...