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kayak karl
01-15-2008, 21:46
i saw a post earlier about fishing on trail. thought good idea for a mail drop when i got to nj and pa where i have licences. but carrying a pole seemed like a problem and didn't want to drop $$ on anything new like an ultralite or pen thing. rather put $$ towards other gear. so i came up with this idea. casted good at work today.

first pic doesn't show the paper clip in the stick footy too well. would probably work with a walk pole also if you use them. (PS reel weighs 5 oz)

i never catch anything anyway:)

01-15-2008, 21:52
That is a cool setup k.k. Thanks for the pics.

01-15-2008, 22:23
It going to be hard to feel a bite. also the line might brake a pole must have a little spring to it