View Full Version : My new favorite HOT SAUCE!

Mike Drinkuth
12-27-2003, 16:54
Right now i'm into this habanero based sauce called melinda's XXXX Reserve http://www.melindas.com/
It's not TOO hot such that it covers the flavor of your other food but it IS hot enough to make ya tingle!
Before I was into this stuff called Micanory Gold which is also habanero based but is sweet before heat and is more of a salsa so it needs refrigeration (can't find web link)
I see lots of hikers carrying petes but I don't like the flavor and it's about as hot as ketchup
What are the other pepper heads carrying?
C'mon hit me with the hottest stuff ya know of...

12-27-2003, 19:22
I carry cayenne powder. I prefer the taste of a good hot sauce, but this meets my need for heat & is light weight. I like Pete’s, prefer “Louisiana style”. Dave’s insanity sauce is hot, but tastes like raw gasoline to me.


12-27-2003, 20:11
melinda's garlic habernero...mmmmm

02-16-2004, 15:40
I was an old Texas Pete fan until some guys brought some Jim Beam sauce to work. Mighty smooth! There is BBQ sauce, hot sauce, wing sauce and some other style in a 4-pack. The military should change the Tabasco contract to Jim Beam for the MRE flavor enhancer.