View Full Version : Looking for a trail runner

01-19-2008, 16:35
I am looking for a trail runner with the following characteristics:

decently cushioned, and has some protection against stone, etc.
NOT gore-tex or waterproof

Here's the most important one: I have a biomechanically sound stride. Shoes that correct for over/under pronation eventually hurt my feet in odd ways, and almost all trail runners are made for over pronators (I think, as most pepole overpronate).

I've only found a few biomechanically neutral trail runner,

the New Balance 800, but I don't think it really has enough protection/cushioning to be a good thru-hiking shoe.

I've also looked at the asics gel attack 4 WR

I've seen the Montrail Oddessy, but I'm hesitant to buy montrail--I know that they got bought out by Columbia, and I had quality problems with the last 2 pair of hard rocks I brought out on the PCT (support totally dying after around 400 miles, instead of the 600-700 miles I got out of the earlier pair of hard rocks that I owned)

Can anyone think of any models of shoes that would fit the bill (lightweight well-protected, and biomechanically neutral?