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01-19-2008, 21:08
:banana:bananaI had a few hikes tell me it will be hard to get back from the Canadina border when my friends and I get there in late August. Any suggestions on getting back to Killington? Also the best place to stay (there are 6 of us) in Killington, we are taking the Long Trail there on August 12th , also , how far is Rutland Vt from Killington and will we be on target to be at the Long Trail Festival. I know nothing about the towns of Vt. and the distance esp. in hiking miles on reaching different destinations. Would love to go to the festival if possible. Also if we decide to fly the closest airport to Killington. thanks Cookie P:banana

01-19-2008, 21:11
I meant a few hikers not hikes. oops! Cookie P :confused:

01-22-2008, 08:41
Get a copy of the newest Long Trail Guide. It's got the best mile by mile info for the trail and services.

Rutland to Killington is about 13 miles. Rutland to the LT on VT Route 4 is about 8 miles.

Burlington or Albany, NY are the closest airports to Rutland. Getting from Journey's end to Killington will be the biggest challenge. I've heard of people hitching from JE to St. Albans (where you can get a bus to Rutland) in a couple hours, but I wouldn't count on it. Cell service is weak up there. You can get reception on the higher peaks, but it's hit or miss making arranging a ride even harder.

Shuttle services have come and gone over the years. The guide has been hesitant to recommend any because of it, so It would be better to arrange that closer to the time you need it.

Logistically, the easiest suggestion would be to take a cab or get a ride to Journeys End and do a SOBO hike ending in Killington.