View Full Version : forgotten gear

10-03-2002, 21:16
i was curious if any ne has any suggestions about gear that they thought would be helpful after they started the AT

10-03-2002, 23:01
I learned very quickly that I had a lot that was not helpful when I started my hike. So I did quickly send a lot of things home and also changed some of my food mail drops. At the moment I can only think of 2 items that I did find helpful and I did acquire after I started hiking. One was a water bladder and hydration system, and the other was hiking poles. The hydration system was very soon after I left Springer Mountain, however it took me several hundred miles before I would admit that the hiking poles were for me. I did finally purchase a pair in Hot Springs and now I would not hike without them. Other than those 2 items, I can't think of any other item, except I did exchange some items for lighter weight models.
Just my 2 cents worth. Happy Trails........ Ed

10-04-2002, 08:19
I actually became envious of male thru hikers whose girlfriend came out to meet them for a stretch of hiking on the trail.