View Full Version : Water at Big Frog

Chicken Feathers
01-22-2008, 11:45
can anyone give me a water source availabity on Big Frog:-?

Tipi Walter
01-22-2008, 11:50
I just got back from a trip not too far north of Big Frog near the BMT north of Reliance and there's high water everywhere. At least where I was.

01-22-2008, 13:48
There's a small spring fed basin right beside the trail about 1/4 mile or so from the trail junction at the top of Big Frog. It's on the BMT south of the summit. Can't remember the name of the trail, but it's right beside the trail and has been 'rocked in' to collect the water.

01-22-2008, 13:50
Gene is it the Hemp Top trail? That goes from Doublespring Gap up to the top?

01-22-2008, 14:55
Sort of. According to Homans book the trail at that point is called Licklog Ridge, but it's not far after the junction with Hemp Top. The spring is called Elderberry Spring in Homans book. I have a picture of it in my gallery as a mud hole in the summer and Hammock Hanger has a picture of it filled and sparkling from just a month or so before so I suppose you have to take your chances.

01-22-2008, 15:54
It's not much of a spring in the summer. I always used to be sure and carry a clean bandanna to filter out the mosquito wigglers. AFAIK, it's the only one anywhere near the top...

01-22-2008, 17:05
Now I know the one you are talking about. I was there in late summer and it was a mudhole. I don't have maps w/ me so I'm going from memory (like it's still any good), but when we reached the top of the climb and the trail turned west toward that spring, a little ways up there was a campsite on the right side of the trail. I went down into the hollow from that campsite (as if you walked right through the campsite) and down the hill (maybe 400 yards or so) and there was a spring that was running with plenty of water. Might want to check it if the other spring is dry.

10-15-2008, 17:48
envirodiverI posted a map of the area in my gallary. Can you see where you went down in the "hollow" to find that spring?
I was just up there this past weekend and was surprise at my water consumption. Needless to say, this little tidbit of info would have been good (even if dry).