View Full Version : Indian Grave Gap

01-23-2008, 13:12
I am interested in finding out more about Indian Grave gap and Unicoi Gap.

where do my partner and I find access and what kind of terrain to expect.

If anyone can help out with these area it would be gratly appreciated.:D

Frolicking Dinosaurs
01-23-2008, 13:15
I'd suggest going over to Trailjournals.com and reading several of the AT hikers from last year's accounts of those sections.

Lone Wolf
01-23-2008, 13:20
Unicoi Gap is a road. GA Hwy 75. Indian Grave gap is a forest service road accessed off USFS 79. Unicoi gap to Indian Grave gap is 2.7 miles. you climb about 1000 feet the first 1.3 miles then drop about 1000 feet for 1.4 miles to Indian Grave gap

Gray Blazer
01-23-2008, 13:27
Off the top of my head.....Unicoi Gap is a good trailhead to leave your car. Going south on the same highway to Helen from Unicoi...take a left on the FS road and that should take you to Indian Grave Gap and Tray Mountain Gap (I would not leave my car there at either one) The terrain is like anywhere else in GA/NC. You go up, then you go down. Then you go up again, etc. There are lots of camping spots between Unicoi Gap and Dick's Greek Gap. Lots of locals out on the weekend so you could have lots of company. The trail is easy walking. Deep Gap shelter is/was a nice shelter with a cooking area. The toilet has one of the better views around as far as outhouses go. When the water level is up there are lots of springs. Don't know about the water now, though.