View Full Version : Rice Drink mix???

12-31-2003, 03:11
I saw this rice drink mix at wally world. Its like instant rice ground up and you mix w/ h2o and drink. Think it had like 160 calories/ serving and 9 servings in a bag at 14oz for $2.00. So anyway didn't feel up to tryin it yet, but wanted to see if anyone else has had it??? Was it good???


02-12-2004, 23:16
i have not tried that specific product myself, but i do think i can offer a wee bit of advice anyhow.. although not a vegan, i often do try to avoid dairy products when i can, and hence for a while used a powdered soy milk with my cereal instead of dry milk. i choked down the mildly nasty stuff (though one can get used to it after a while) for quite some time, having to go through the hastle of having it shipped to me in maildrops every few weeks when i started to run low, until one day i actually looked at the nutrition info on the container. :datz the stuff had just a fraction of the protien content of dried milk, and very little other nutritional value. from what i know of rice milk, it generally has even less protien and other nutrients than soy milk- so my suggestion to you would be this: before you go out and waste your time and money on this stuff, check the label for any redeeming qualities, and re-examine your reason for wanting to buy it- if you're vegan, you may have few other options and may need to use the stuff, but if you don't have any opposition to dairy products i would explore them first- they have a bit more of what a hiker needs (protien & fats, etc.) and are much easier to come by. there, i've said my peace.