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01-25-2008, 16:33
First of all I want to say how much valuable information and insight I have picked up here these past months. I have read many posts and believe this site is THE BEST for all AT hiking info. I have hiked many trails in GSMNP (all day hikes) and have multi-day hiked trails in my part of Tx. My sons (13 & 10) enjoy going with me as well. We are planning a trip this summer starting the 1st week of June at Springer. I have a month off for vacation and we are gonna go as far as we can. Our plan is to hike for 3 weeks and my wife and daughter pick us up and do what they want to do for the last week of my vacation. I am hoping to make it to Fontana, or maybe even Clingmans Dome. I am realistic also and know that anything can happen, with kids or even myself that could cut our trip short. However far we make it though will be time well spent. Right now we are working on lightning up our gear and shakedown overnighters. This is easy since we live in the country surrounded by nothing but forest and state timberland. My sons and I are very excited about this trip and will continue reading posts here and will have some questions i'm sure. So please bear with me as I figure out how and where to post and ask questions. Thanks-- Harold

01-25-2008, 16:38
Welcome Harold. :welcome

Ask, and you will get an answer.

01-25-2008, 16:43
Sounds like the type of trip that you and your sons will always remember (hopefully fondly). Good that you're doing it before they get a smell of perfume and gasoline fumes, cause you may not see them much after that.

Some good and knowledgable folks here.:welcome

01-25-2008, 16:50
Oh what a great idea! This is the place to be for tips, etc. Hopefully there will be rain so the water situation won't be too bad by then. Water will be a big thing with the southern heat and humidity.

The GA and NC mountains are pretty tough though. The Stecoahs outside of Fontana Dam are mean too. Set realistic goals with your mileage.

Frolicking Dinosaurs
01-25-2008, 17:09
Welcome Harold. Hope you and your sons have a wonderful trip.

01-25-2008, 17:22
Yes, the water situation has me concerned. I have been checking water reports recently and hopefully by June all will be well. I hope that I don't over estimate our ability to make it through the ups and downs. Here in our part of Texas none of the trails come close to what we will experience in Ga, NC, or Tn. Last year we done the Chimney Tops trail in GSMNP. We got down and decided we wanted to do it again , so back up again we went. I'm not gonna lie, when the day (8 miles) was over I was pretty tired. My sons said they wanted more, but I had to call it a day. We had light daypacks that day and since then I have went from 200lbs to 155lbs. I am in much better shape now. As far as mileage expectations, I would like for us to average 10 mpd. But I know many factors can figure in there. I have 3 weeks to dedicate to this and if we are able to do it great, but if not then thats ok too. The main thing is to spend time with my kids, enjoy our hike, and go as far as we can. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

Frolicking Dinosaurs
01-25-2008, 17:29
The Chimneys is a rough trail - steep with lots of loose rocks. If y'all climbed that twice in a single day, you will be fine in north GA. Some on the trail from GA to the GSMNP is pretty steep in places, but you should be able to do it.

Take your time and enjoy it - there are some magnificent vistas and the rhododendrons bloom in June and early July, and mountain laurel in May-June in this area. The mountains are just beautiful that time of year.

SGT Rock
01-25-2008, 17:30
You will like it. Just have fun.

01-26-2008, 15:54
Welcome and have a great hike. Flow with the trail and have fun. Since you will have someone meeting you at the end....you get to pick the end. Springer to Fontana is very doable with plenty of time to stop and take in the beauty. Fontana is also a great place to kick back and relax...great place to have the wife meet you...lots of things for the kids to do. http://www.fontanavillage.com (http://www.fontanavillage.com)