View Full Version : Fuel logistics - alcohol vs. canisters

01-29-2008, 23:33
I've always used a canister stove, but I am thinking about trying an alcohol stove for a Campo-Yosemite section hike due to fuel availability. My reasoning is that most PCT hikers seem to use alcohol stoves, so HEET/alcohol will probably be more readily available on the trail. Is there any truth to this, or is any difference pretty much negligible?

01-30-2008, 16:54
HEET is pretty easy to come by. But on that stretch so are canisters. You can buy HEET at

Warner Springs (though just the bad red stuff)
Bear Bear City
Agua Dulce (Santa Clarita)
Kennedy Meadows (check this)

Note that Mojave doesn't have HEET, or at least it doesn't usually.

You can buy canisters at Idylwild, BBC, Agua Dulce, and KM (check this). You should be able to recycle/dispose of canisters in those towns also, but not in KM.