View Full Version : March 31st Shuttle...Atlanta to Springer

Johnny Thunder
01-30-2008, 11:43
I just booked my flight and found out that the Hiker Hostel is full-up on March 31st. Anyone in a similar situation that might want to split the cab/shuttle to Amicalola? My flight gets in around 2.


01-30-2008, 17:31
You can take a train to Gainsville. I would think that even though the Hostel is full, they would be willing to shuttle you from Gainsville to Springer.

Not sure though,

Dirty Harry
01-30-2008, 18:06
get their aval. shuttle from the marta, camp out in their yard, and get breakfeast and the shuttle to the trail the next morning, call them im shure it will be cool, and chances are you will get a spot in the hostel

01-30-2008, 23:22
Don Norton out of Atlanta is offering shuttle rides. His thread is shuttle help under Class of 2008 Forum.

Ron Haven
01-30-2008, 23:32
Here is a link with several other options.

Johnny Thunder
01-31-2008, 12:33
Thanks All!

I saw some of the shuttling/taxi options before and do have a (hopeful) message out to the Hiker Hostel.

Failing that, are there any hikers arriving on the 31st who'd like to split the fare?


01-31-2008, 15:12
Did you call and talk to them? When we called last year they were filled but said they would make whatever space they could (we actually stayed somewhere else that night as we drove). Unless the policy changed and no floor sleepers.

01-31-2008, 23:55
They're definitely filled. It looks like I'll be headed out to the AT for a bit, also on march 31st (flights were a good bit cheaper than on any other day).

I'd be willing to split a fare, as long as it was reasonable. Otherwise I'll just hitch it.

02-01-2008, 00:11
Johnny Thunder and ScottP. I would be happy to help you guys out. I can pick you up at the Marta Park/Ride on Georgia 400 and you guys can stay at my nearly completed house. I can easily get you to Springer on the 1st. It's about a 35 minute drive down USFS42 from my house. Let me know if you want my help. I can give you instructions for Marta. I won't accept cash because I'm not licensed to shuttle in the NF, but a bottle of whiskey or a case of beer as a house warming gift would be a welcome form of a thank you.

02-01-2008, 00:18
What kind of whiskey do you drink?

02-01-2008, 00:24
What kind of whiskey do you drink?Scotch:D, but we can stop at a liquor store on the way so no need to carry.

02-05-2008, 17:09
My kind of guy !!

Appalachian Tater
02-05-2008, 17:16
I based my start day on availability at Hiker Hostel. It is a good idea to make a reservation there, or at least inquire about availability, before arranging transportation, if you want to stay there. Certainly having them handle the logistics makes it easy.

02-05-2008, 18:16
I do love the hiker hostel, but the March 31st flight was around $50 cheaper for me.