View Full Version : Backpack connundrum

01-30-2008, 13:45
So, after lightening my load, I'm thinking about selling or trading my gregory whtiney for a lighter pack.

Any recommendations for a good pack. I plan on using it for 3 months on the PCT, and would like it to work as my 4 season pack. I'm thinking that the ULA circuit would be the way to go.

Right now my gear includes
Marmot helium long
supercat stove
1 litre pot
either a tarp or a tarptent (and a hammerhead 2 for wintry trips)
first aid/survival kit
bear can (for sierra's)
and a clothing system to suit whatever climate

Is 3750 CI going to be too big (or too small?)
Are the other packs (like gossamer gear, golite etc...) going to hold up as well as a ULA?
Does anyone want to buy a medium Gregory Whitney (used about 10 days)?

01-30-2008, 13:48
I have a ULA Circuit, it cam highly recommended and I love it. I has plenty of space for everything I normally carry(my gear list looks similar to yours) and was even able to carry more when one of my buddies dropped out of a hike and left me the half of the gear that he was carrying.

01-30-2008, 13:53
Catalyst. Get a Catalyst. It's 4600 cubes and still less than 3 lbs. Just get what works for you. There have been a couple other threads on here within the last day or so asking about theright back. Give them a read.