View Full Version : coleman powermax

02-01-2008, 21:42
Can anyone offer advice on these stoves?

02-01-2008, 23:38
Coleman Powermax is the type of fuel used with the Coleman Exponent series stoves. I have the Exponent Xtreme and it is a great stove for the price. You can also purchase an adaptor which allows you to use other canister fuel types. Very reliable stove that does everything from simmer to boil very well. Fuel also burns reliably from full to empty canister with no dropoff in performance based on amount of fuel.

02-04-2008, 13:21
I have the extreme and on the last three hikes I have done (Sawtooth Mtns, Idaho, Mt Marcy, Ny and Fingerlake trails) everybody put their stoves away and used my mine for ease of use and speed. The stove is great and I found that the small canister will last for a three day weekend no problem. I always bring two just in case. The large cannister is good but for weekend jaunts I like the small ones.