View Full Version : Know anything about the Metal Crab???

02-03-2008, 21:21
Does anybody know anything about the specs of the new Snowpeak (http://www.snowpeak.com) Metal crab (http://www.snowpeak.com/back/stoves/new_stoves.html) stove? When is it coming out? Is that a preheat section of the tube I see!?!

Where do I look to find out more? I can't find anything but this (http://www.snowpeak.com/back/stoves/new_stoves.html) page!

02-03-2008, 21:24
I live very near the Chesapeake Bay. That looks nothing like a crab. It does look like my Coleman F1 with a lot of extra metal.

02-03-2008, 22:22
It does look like a preheat tube -- note the canister is upside down for liquid feed, so the tube is required. (Or at least a good idea.) Should work very well in cold weather.

I almost bought a current Snow Peak stove that allows an inverted canister -- then I saw this on their site, and decided to wait. (I suppose my local outfitter wouldn't like to know that.)

02-04-2008, 17:18
After looking at it for a while I noticed the weight! Whew... That is heavy. I like the idea but I think it could be made lighter... I don't know. It is a great looking stove. I hope they are able to get more efficient fuel consumption with the lower BTU's... But I can't seem to find much on it.

02-07-2008, 23:55
That is a cool looking stove.