View Full Version : Coleman Exponent Tents

02-04-2008, 15:45
Has any one ever used a coleman exponent kraz x1 tent? I got a really good deal on one, and was just wondering if anyone has any experience with one.

02-04-2008, 20:52
Looks alot like the Kelty Crestone (I use that) and others, try it out, let us know,,,
Dough Nut

02-08-2008, 19:39
Tried the tent out last night. Camped out near the Cowall Shelter in MD. I liked the tent. I am pretty tall(6'3"), and had no problem with space. The vestibule area could stand to be a little bit bigger, but for a 60 dollar tent, I think it was a good buy. E-bay specials:banana