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02-05-2008, 13:05
I've got a lady friend and her teenage boy that would like to hike the first week or two with me (see how long it lasts;)), but has almost no gear! I figure she can get away with a lot of clothing she already owns for a week, but the major stuff is a problem.

Anybody know where she can rent a pack, tent, and bag around the Atlanta area? I think I can take care of the rest. Thanks in advance.

02-05-2008, 13:27
One place you might try that's actually closer to Springer is North Georgia Mountain Outfitters (http://www.hikenorthgeorgia.com/page/18e76/Gear_Rental.html). Real nice people. :cool:

02-05-2008, 13:48
REI rents sleeping bags w/ liners, Half-dome 2 person tents, sleeping pads and backpacks. Pretty good gear, not top-of-the-line ultralight, but OK. Price is not bad, but tell them if they are not members to join for $20. members get very good discounts on rental gear. They may ven rent white gas stoves there. I think a few stores do. 3 or 4 REI's in the Atlanta area.

Renting is a good way to test the water.

Now I'll duck to dodge the flak from all of the REI haters out there.

02-05-2008, 14:30
Thanks guys! They don't need top of the line gear; I'd be surprised if they actually made it a week on the trail. They just want to get out and see what it's all about before they commit to the expense of outfitting themselves.

02-05-2008, 14:40
They could probably outfit themselves more cheaply than they could rent gear from REI

foam sleeping pads
one 8x10 flat coated nylon tarp
cheap rucksacks for backpacks, or whatever REI has on sale
cheap aluminum cookwear, home-made alcohol stove
slumberjack synthetic sleeping bags

also, check the used gear threads. (I'm selling a lot of fairly suitable stuff that would probably be cheaper than renting less-suitable gear for a week)