View Full Version : Black eyed pea recipe ideas

01-04-2004, 14:45
Looking for some recipes using black eyed peas. I've just cooked and dried a big batch and I figure some of you sourthern folks might have a handle on this.



01-04-2004, 16:23
In about two cups of cold water, rehydrate a single serving of black eyed peas for about 15 minutes. I pack mine in the pint-size ziplocs, and that's a single serving for me. YMMV.

Bring to a boil, add ramen noodles, and lower heat a little just to cook the ramen. Add spice pack and anything else you'd like spice-wise.

Good eatin'.

I've also tried this with instant mashed potatoes. Not bad either.

Red kidney beans, brown beans, cannolli beans also are good to dry and use as a trail meal or as an ingredient in trail meals.

01-04-2004, 19:59
are black eyed peas the same as black eyed beans? i love black eyed beans, most of the recipies i know for em are 'cook for an hour' type things etc... thats with soaking overnight too.....

assuming they are the same thing :)

some black eyed beans and a good dahl... mmmmmm......

01-04-2004, 23:02
Yes, it sounds like black eyed peas and black eyed beans are the same thing, tho over here I've never heard them called beans. You can buy them canned, frozen, or uncooked (dry--not dehydrated).

For trail use the logical thing would be to prepare any of these to a ready-to-eat state, then use a homemade or commercial dehydrator, then package in ziplocs or vacuum seal.

Personally, I like to spice mine up with pepper, garlic salt, and some barbeque flavoring before dehydrating.