View Full Version : NOBO Through Hike, Starting April 1st. Seeking intrepid companion.

02-16-2008, 14:36
I have long been planning a NOBO through hike of the AT, as part of my post-collegiate need for adventure. My embarkation date is April 1st 2008. (I thought fools day would definitely be the best day to go). Up until very recently I had a childhood friend who was set to be my companion, but he went and did something lame like get a job. Now, I'm suddenly left without a partner only a month or so before the start of my trip. I have moderate backpacking experience, and am completely out of shape. So, I'm kind of looking for someone that can deal with a slow pace that is only optimistically dreaming of 12 miles a day. I've practically resigned myself to going it alone at this point, but I thought I'd stick a word out there and see what fate got me (if anything).

Lone Wolf
02-16-2008, 14:40
there will be a couple of dozen or more people starting out the same day as you. you will not be alone. hiking with a partner rarely, if ever, works out

02-16-2008, 15:00
Hi i plan on starting on april 5 2008 gone to take it nice and slow to start the main think i have gone for me is for the past 2 years i been walking everwhere i go so walk the trail is not gone to be that hard for me. but want to take my time and swell the flowers see ya out their

02-16-2008, 16:57
You will meet people on the trail. Why try to get an "internet partner" to be bound to ahead of time? What if you hate that person? What if you hike totally different styles or speeds? Hike with whoever you feel like hiking with, or alone, and socialize with people at night if they are camped somewhere. You won't be "stuck" with anyone you don't like that way, and will be able to just be alone whenever you like.

02-17-2008, 17:51
I'll be doing the trail by myself as well. And it is the first time Ive ever done anything like this. I am in pretty descent shape and am sure I could walk atleast 30 miles a day if I wanted to.. but in mountains!? TBH, 12 sounds a lot more realistic. lol

anyway, from what Ive read, the trail is pretty busy around Mar/Apr, so I'm sure you'll meet quite a few people. I'll be heading out there late March/early April as well.. Maybe Ill see you.