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01-10-2004, 19:55
Please share your most memorable experience hitching a ride.

Brushy Sage
01-10-2004, 20:07
Probably the time I got confused trying to get to Bland, vA and wound up thumbing along I-77. I began to get a clue that something wasn't right when all the cars and trucks zoomed past me at high speed and people gave peculiar looks. I can remember how steep the banks were from the bridge overhead down to the interstate. I did finally get to the right road, and got a ride into Bland, but that hitch was anticlimactic.

01-10-2004, 23:14
Zydacajun and I had three memorable rides in a row, but the last one tops the cake. we were trying to get back to the blueberry patch out of hiawassi(sp?) and we stood at the edge of the main strip for about an hour with no luck. the locals were doing their thing, which consists of driving up and down that one street, it was pathetic. even worse off was the two of us, sitting there so long watching the same cars drive past us just to turn around and drive back down that street so they could turn around and do it again.
finally we sabatoge two of the ugliest women in their pickup truck as they try to turn around at the gas station. at first they refused, but we offered them 10 bucks and you should have seen their eyes light up. so cajun and i jump into the back of their truck only to find ourselves sitting in the back, on top of a wooden skiff, in a truck bed, that is without a tailgate as two georga women take off like a bat out of hell, down a two lane back county road. they wanted us to give them a signal when we got to where ever we wanted to be dropped off at. well, we couldn't see a damm thing, especially at 8pm(winter time=dark)on a road we've never been down, going sixty miles an hour, while holding on to any lifesaving hold possible. HELL, i had a signal for them allright, "let me the f%$#@ out of here." luckly cajun and i saw the flag, because we could have been stuck with these two. then things really got scary, we started to pound on the sides of the truck, and they sped up. we pounded louder, and they only drove faster, things were not looking good.
at last we came across a large grassy area, where they turned around, they didn't have power stearing and needed a large area to turn around in. whew, cajun was even more scared than i, he had invisioned that scene out of pulp fiction, where they had that guy over that thing, ya know what i'm talking about. anyway, we got back to the patch and everything was fine.

I got a better one than that, happened to R-man down at the blueberry.
title, the "Jasmine Hitch." or even better is getting a hitch with B. Jack and Bonzo (whom i had no idea who he was at the time,) an seeing jack pull out a half liter with duct tape wrapped around it, lol.


01-11-2004, 01:37
On my last section, I was traveling a little slower than I anticipated, just getting back to hiking after herniating a disc. So I was a few miles short and I had to come come out a side trail and hitch to my car. It was a slow road, and I waited about an hour or so. This fellow picks me up in a small pickup. Says he has to stop for a minute, but will otherwise give me a ride. Midway to my car, he stops at a construction site near the road. I guess my eyes were glancing about, because when he gets out, I hear him say "... that's my DUI" or something similar. He had a stack of papers on the floor, so I figured he had a ticket for DUI there. Actually, when he gets back in he starts the car and a box on the floor beeps at him. He grabs a tube connected to the box and blows into it. Turns out he was telling me about his DUI box. He had to blow into it to make the car stay running. Then, 10 minutes later, it beeps again, and he has to do the same thing while driving. I was never worried about this driver! I have to say, I was very grateful for him picking me up and suffering the embarassment he may have felt, especially knowing he was going to stop. He also indicated, quite strongly, that he had learned his lesson and would be not be driving under the influence ever again.

01-11-2004, 08:37
Please share your most memorable experience hitching a ride.

In 2000, my friend Philosophy & I took a ride from a logger driving a logging truck in Maine. He dropped us off at the Andover Guest House. He was a really nice guy, and we talked about sustainable logging practices much of the ride.