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02-22-2008, 19:50
Guys, I know you are reading, but please refrain from posting...

I love my obsession with hiking/BPing. Nature, peace, sanity, fresh air, sometimes drop a few pounds...

But just the other day I had a bad experience because of (not while) hiking. I was getting dressed up to go out and decided to wear a pair of kick-a$$ knee high Jimmy Choo boots that I hadnt worn in quite some time. Due to hiking over the last couple of years, my calves had gained some tone. They gained more tone than would fit into the boots, I couldnt get the suckers zipped!!!:eek:

Anyone want to buy a pair of slightly used Jimmy Choo's?

02-22-2008, 19:54
cuffs, i feeeel your pain:D thats one of the reasons i have never been able to wear boots.....
so good luck finding a new home for them.... i bet they r niiiiiiiice...

02-22-2008, 20:35
Jimmy Choo boots? (drool) ohhh, now that's good hiking stuff :cool: Just remember; muscular, toned and hairy calve muscles are sexy,...I would say wear the boots as camp shoes and say it's the latest in fashionable hiking accessories...but that would be a crying shame to dirty those babies...um, btw, what size are they? :D

Frolicking Dinosaurs
02-22-2008, 20:57
::: Puddle of drool forms under Dino :::

02-22-2008, 20:58
Jimmy Choo?...Oooo look at you!..They are usually to pointy toed for me..I`ll second the "what size are they?" question

02-22-2008, 22:19
Jimmy Choo? Whew! What size???????? And what $ do you want? We don't get that kind of designer glitz over here and I love boots.

02-22-2008, 22:22
Sorry to repeat. But knee high on you may be too high for me...I am only five one. So are these short people boots or waders?
(I am betting the guys are just dying to post on this thread....come one...it will be fun)

02-22-2008, 23:40
Wow! Never knew Id stir up this much with a pair of boots!

Got them on sale at Saks a few seasons back. Dont ask what I paid, it was to much regardless of the sale... Size 43 (thats a 9 is US) This I'm going to ebay them, theres no way I'll ever get these calves back into them...
It just sucks because they are a great pair of stylin', going out on the town boots!

Mrs Baggins
02-23-2008, 11:45
cuffs, i feeeel your pain:D thats one of the reasons i have never been able to wear boots.....
so good luck finding a new home for them.... i bet they r niiiiiiiice...

Oooohhhh I'm so glad see others have this problem! I finally found ONE pair of dress boots that would fit (and they have the expandable thingy at the top). No way would I be able to wear any but the widest pants with them, though, because if I rolled up slim pants above the boot top I'd never get rolled back down. A pedicure tech was giving me a leg massage and when she got to my calves she stopped her non-stop chatter and said "Whoa! You have got some muscle in there!" :D I was thrilled to hear it! I'm also short and have to stand on my toes alot to reach things all the time - - great calf building exercise.

02-23-2008, 13:24
my calfs have always been large, never been able to wear boots,
runs in the family, my aunt who lost 80lbs due to cancer, still had her calfs, skinnny little body and huge calfs, the nurses joked w/ her about them.

02-23-2008, 13:54
My calves got really skinny at the end of the hike last year. Think I was burning muscle by then. Now they are getting back up to size.

02-23-2008, 14:35
Size 43 (thats a 9 is US)

That`s the size I wear but the extreme point of the toes sometimes forces me to move up a half size..I was going to suggest Ebay before I saw you mentioned it..Post a link for us once you have them listed so we can follow along :)

02-23-2008, 14:58
K, as Cuffs requested no guys posting I'm not going to but I'm just really mad that I can't because girls have always been the best of friends to me and most fun to hang out with.
But, per her request I'm not posting.

I couldn't help it. It just happened.:o