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02-25-2008, 17:36
Johnny, you are right, especially when it comes to the mind of mattski and how some people just wont ever get him.

But it certainly wont do Mattski any harm to hear what these people have to say...maybe some of the better criticisms will penetrate his invulnerability to reality and stick in his head.

That being said, I hope he never changes because that invulnerability is what makes him quixotically beautiful. People often don't realize that not every member of society should play the same role. It sounds simplistic but not every person is your standard worker bee. There are different mechanisms of social exchange that modern society may frown upon, but when examined are completely valid. Society needs it's shamans and artists and villiage idiots as well as it's drones and every variation in between. Being automatically judgemental and refusing to recognize that we lack full understanding of such a situation is called jumping to conclusions, and if jump to such conclusions you may have to swim back.

One think about matty that many of you may not realize, is the semi-child jesus-crazy persona you percieve and don't really get...it's really him, he's utterly sincere, it's not an act. Take note, the understandable negativity in this thread comes from people who don't know him personally. To a person, the folks who do know him personally are more postive about the topic of this thread. Furthermore, someone who knows him personally feels so strongly about him that they would give him 200k to fix his life up! What do think that means? Obviously that person feels differently...you can draw whatever conclusions you want, but don't assume you know everything from your first read of this thread, person, and situation.

02-25-2008, 17:39
i had all my buttons removed . i simply have no buttons to push. but if you play with fire around me,...that button i never got removed. the surgens said it was too risky. that my fire button had woven itself around my nebula. or spine thinggy . whatever. it still goes off once in a while when a kid swings his seigg bottle in my direction with flames . then you might say i have one button. and its pushed. then get away from anything liquid. cause even if theirs no liquid to get awaty from,..run. cause ill try to bleed you into the fire to put it out. if you run, ill bleed myself .see? see how things work when your the next thruhiking piccosso? now you do! good day to you sirs.

02-25-2008, 17:40
[quote=mweinstone;549625]i filed all six years on the same day two years ago. its why i quit hiking in parisburg va and came home. to settel my debt.

My experience led me to believe that you had filed all six years at once, as that is when you typically hear folks screaming about the amount of tax as well as the associated penalties and interest compounding on top of the principal.

It's good and it's bad that you have the ability to service this tax debt; bad in the sense that you may have to fork over the whole amount of the debt if the service sees that they can bill you for the penalties because of your ability to pay.

When negotiating with them re: the penalties, it's never a good idea to discuss in a public forum such as this the potential value of your artwork...acts as a disincentive for them to give you a break, assuming you deserve one :D.

Hopefully the agent assigned to your acct. (assuming it's not already in collections) doesn't know about WB.

02-25-2008, 18:00
This thread reminds me of one of my all-time favorite lines by Anthony Hopkins in "Legends of the Fall": "Screw the government!"

Best of luck, Matty!

02-25-2008, 18:08
i will now close this thread useing my connections .

02-25-2008, 18:09
You got Matthewski.... poof closed.