View Full Version : Transportations problems in maine.I Need Help!

02-26-2008, 21:27
As a senior trip my friends and I want to hike the Hundred Mile Wilderness in Maine, but we are having a difficult time figuring out our options for transportation to Monson from Bangor airport and from Millinocket back to bangor. The best we can come up with is a taxi to monson and from Millinocket. Which round trip would cost us about $200 not including the Katahdin taxi back to millinocket. Since there could be as many as 5 of us and as few as 3 we have ruled out hitchhiking as a means of transportation. Does anybody know of a cheaper way of getting from Bangor to Monson and from Millinocket to Bangor? Thanks a lot

02-26-2008, 21:37
Try contacting <a href="http://www.appalachiantraillodge.com">Appalachian Trail Lodge</a> in Millinocket (207-723-4321) and <a href="http://www.shawslodging.com">Shaw's (http://www.shawslodging.com&quot;>Shaw's) Lodging</a>, (207-997-3597) in Monson.

02-26-2008, 22:02
I flew into Bangor, took local transportation to the bus station, then a bus to Medway ($24), and had the AT Lodge pick me up at the Medway Bus Stop.

I used 7 Pines Shuttle Service (Buddy & Jill Ward: 207.343.2564 / 207.997.3792) to get from Monson to Bangor.