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Jan LiteShoe
02-27-2008, 16:43
Ladies, or guys too for that matter, good article here, maybe one of the best I've read in delineating a useful chain of escalation - a little video is included.

Here's a clip, but the whole article is worth a read:

The thing is, women are nurturing by nature, and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. But at the expense of safety?
"You know when you feel in your gut when somebody doesn't seem right or their intentions there are not wholesome," says Wilson.
http://wsbradio.com/images/arendt_on_fear_2.jpgAPC Instructor Sarah Frost says no one should hesitate to speak up when they feel uncomfortable with someone getting too close. Again, trust your intuition.
"If they repeatedly step in your space, that's when you can articulate to the authorities that 'I was threatened,'" says Frost. "And that's all you have to be able to do."
An attacker preys on perceived weakness; he wants the meekest victim possible, someone who won't give him a hard time. Say someone asks if you want help with those bags you're loading into your car. A "no, thank you; please stay back" should suffice. If someone insists, Wilson says to look them straight in the eye, and yell at the top of your lungs, "Get back!" At that point, an honest Samaritan might think you a little loud and perhaps paranoid, but will likely move away. Someone trying to aggressively get close to you likely will not.
So Wilson says, forget your manners and swear like a sailor!
"What I would say is, "Get the f*** back or I will beat the s*** outta you!" says Wilson. "Or, my favorite from one of my assistant instructors who's a female—she says, 'Get back or I'm gonna rip your n*** off and shove 'em in your mouth!' And she's a survivor of an attack."
The profanity turns on the spotlight, says Wilson, who reminds us that Jerry Springer's not a millionaire because he doesn't have viewers. Something about a woman screaming bodily injury threats to a man draws our attention, he says.
At the moment you feel unsafe in your own space, the palm-heel strike will make him see stars. Wilson says the moves in the customized classes Assets Protection Consultants sets up for its students are designed to stop the threat in three seconds or less."


Rain Man
02-27-2008, 17:00
Thank you, Jan. Sometimes I see that society/media likes to sensationalize fears and to get us all to wallow excessively in victimizationalism (if that's even a word). We all know the media adage "If it bleeds, it leads."

But this was a reasonable, positive article and I sent the link to my three daughters.

Thanks again.



Christopher Robin
02-27-2008, 17:06
Good thoughts, thank you.

02-27-2008, 17:14
Thanks Jan !! Very interesting and informative. Have you ever thought about doing some writing ?? HA! HA!
HAPPY TRAILS.................BrotherAL

02-28-2008, 12:39
Great post! I have never had any problems out on the trail but I feel much safer after reading that. Those are some great tips to use if I ever feel threatened. Thank you for the information Jan!

Jason of the Woods
02-28-2008, 12:41
Or just be handy with the steel.;)