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02-28-2008, 13:09
So, running around today I started thinking, maybe for my PCT section I should try some sandals.

Right now I've got some Salomon trail runners (I think XP 3 or something along those lines). While they fit my feet well now, I'm starting to wonder how much I'm gonna swell. The shoes are just big enough to have a little room when I wear some thicker wool socks and a liner. I could go bigger, but I've been wondering about using a black shoe in the desert :-?.

What I want to know is, hey light do I need to be for sandals (I think that 45lbs with gear, water, and food will be my highest weight). My base weight should be in the 16lbs range (could be lighter, but I don't want to sell my pack and by another one this late in the game).

Also, are there any good sandals that don't have that toe loop (like a lot of the chacos that I have seen). Are the merrel sandals any good? Are they any good ones with toe guards? What about scree, just learn to live with picking it out? Blisters, have you found them to be more or less prevelent in sandals. Snow, for crossing the snow slopes, would a pair of sealskins (neoprene or goretex) do?

All thoughts opinions, and rants about polls appreciated :D

02-28-2008, 13:51
I don't hike in sandals but I hiked 3 miles or so down a beach in Belize with some Chacos on (no socks). The sand was being rubbed by the straps against my skin. Didn't take long before I regretted that (rubs your skin off in no-time). Barefoot after that.

No Belay
03-03-2008, 15:50
Here are some great suggestions.

03-03-2008, 16:32
This could be a bad year for sandals on the PCT. record snow levels.
You may be ok for the first 700 miles (although San Jacinto will probably have some snow as well as other high points)
But, if you're young, experienced with how to keep your feet from getting frostbite, and have a late start, you MAY be ok?