View Full Version : Finger Lakes Trail

01-13-2004, 16:24
This one winds 563 miles through the state of New York, through the famed Finger Lakes Region. (I spent several weeks up there last spring volunteering on an animal-rescue farm, and it is wonderful country.) It's part of the North Country Trail, which is still being created. I'm considering hiking the FLT near the end of summer this year, after my section-hike of the AT. Anyone ever done it, whole or part? Experiences, good/bad? Advice?

www.fingerlakestrail.org (http://www.fingerlakestrail.org)

01-13-2004, 16:31
I haven't hiked the FLT (suprisingly few have thru-hiked), but it is a lovely area with a surprisingly varied topology and a number of great views. This is one of the trails I'd like to complete once I've finished section hiking the AT.